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A divorce is often characterized as the metaphorical death of one’s family. It is the start of an oftentimes long and difficult process marked by both expected and unpredictable changes in one’s life. Yet, it also signals the start of a new chapter – new beginnings and a fresh start.

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Getting to that point is not always easy

The divorce process is full of twists and turns and requires difficult decisions to be made with regard to alimony, distribution of assets, custody, parenting time, and child support. It is a process wrought with emotion and one that requires guidance. As an experienced family and divorce law attorney, Birz Law, LLC is able to provide the legal guidance and the compassion necessary to guide you through a difficult process. Whether you are just beginning the divorce process or need assistance with post-divorce issues, Birz Law has the experience necessary to guide you in the right direction.


Child Custody During Spring Break

It’s the start of April which means spring break is just around the corner. This is the time for children to unwind and take advantage …

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Lessons to be Learned when Celebrities get Divorced

Angelina Jolie Provides Testimony About Brad Pitt’s Alleged Domestic Violence When celebrities go through a divorce, every step they take make the headlines, just like …

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Stimulus Checks during a Divorce: Do I Have to Share My Stimulus Check with My Almost Ex?

With the COVID-19 crisis came the crash of the global economy.  The federal government has promised to send stimulus checks to those who qualify.  Some …

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Custody in the Time of Corona

I suspect there isn’t a single person in the State of New Jersey, or the country (probably even the world) who hasn’t been affected by …

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Can I Modify My Child Support Obligation?

When two people go through a divorce, or even if they were never married, if they share children, child support will be one of the …

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I can do this divorce myself . . . can’t I?

One of the most common questions asked by a potential client during a divorce consultation: do I really need a lawyer to get a divorce? …

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