Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and abuse can ruin relationships, destroy lives, and cause irreparable harm to children. Finding ways out of damaging relationships can be difficult. Working with an attorney who specializes in family law and divorce cases can provide you with the best legal representation and can offer workable solutions for disentangling yourself and your children from an abusive situation. Birz Law can provide you with expert legal representation in the states of New Jersey and New York.

Understanding Both Sides of the Equation

In cases of domestic violence or child abuse, immediate action is needed to prevent further incidents from causing harm to its victims. Birz Law can provide expert help in filing for and obtaining temporary restraining orders and permanent restraining orders against those who commit these acts against their family members. We work with your family to ensure the safest and most practical solutions for you and your children.

In some cases, unfortunately, accusations of domestic violence or abuse may be used as a tactic in divorce proceedings. These unfounded allegations could have a chilling effect on your ability to see and care for your children and could damage your reputation. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, Birz Law can represent you to pursue removal of restraining orders and can help you restore your good name and your rights to see your children.

Issues With Child Custody

Accusations of domestic violence and abuse can have a significant effect on the decisions made by courts regarding child custody in New York and New Jersey.

• In most cases, the courts will look at any arrest records and other documentation before granting a temporary or permanent restraining order. Birz Law can help you to present your case in the most effective way to ensure that you and your children are protected against abusive behaviors and violence that can arise during your divorce proceedings. We can compile a list of incidents and obtain supporting medical information to ensure that you are taken seriously and that your children are kept away from behaviors that could put their emotional health or their lives at risk.

• If you are the victim of false allegations, our team of legal professionals can also provide you with support in collecting evidence and presenting your side of the story to the courts in New Jersey or New York. Assertive and effective representation is absolutely essential to ensure that your right to see your children and to enjoy unsupervised visitation with them is protected even in the face of false accusations on the part of your ex-spouse.

Working with a trusted attorney can be the best way to address these issues and to ensure the best outcomes for custody disputes and divorce proceedings in our area. Jenny Birz and the Birz Law team can represent you assertively to ensure that your rights are protected in the legal system.

The Right Answers for Your Legal Questions

Birz Law can help you make the most practical choices during the divorce process. Jenny Birz has a proven track record for success on behalf of her clients and can provide you with the most effective representation and the right options for yourself and your children. We work on your behalf to ensure that your divorce proceedings go as smoothly as possible.

If you need help with divorce proceedings involving domestic violence or abuse allegations, call Birz Law today at 201-701-1218. Our team of legal experts will be happy to help you resolve these issues in the most positive way possible.