Grandparent Visitation

The role of grandparents in helping to raise children is often overlooked. Grandparents and other extended family members often provide emotional and financial support for children. Recognizing the importance of these relationships is essential to provide the best possible environment for children, especially during or after a divorce. At Birz Law, we believe in the rights of grandparents to have visitation rights with their grandchildren. Jenny Birz and the entire Birz Law team will work diligently on your behalf to ensure that you get the best possible chance to secure your visitation rights with your grandchildren in the states of New Jersey and New York.

The Best Interests of the Children

One of the most effective ways to obtain visitation rights with your grandchildren is to demonstrate to the court that these visits would be in the best interests of the children involved. For most grandparents in New York or New Jersey, this requires evidence that you and your grandchildren already have a substantial relationship with each other. Jenny Birz can provide you with expert help in presenting your case in family court for visitation rights with your grandchildren.

Protecting Your Rights When Children Divorce

Divorce is rarely an easy process, especially when children are involved. If your son or daughter is currently in the middle of divorce proceedings, making sure that your rights are considered and that you can still see your grandchildren can be a tricky proposition. Calling Birz Law today can provide you with the support you need to protect your right to see your grandchildren and to ensure that even though the relationship between their parents has ended, your relationship with these children will continue into the future.

Seeking Custody of Grandchildren

In some cases, your grandchildren may be best served by living with their grandparents rather than being raised by either of their parents. This scenario is most often caused by parents who are abusive, neglectful, or otherwise unfit to raise children. Drugs and alcohol use may also reduce the ability of parents to provide the right care for their own children.

If you believe your grandchildren are being mistreated or neglected, you need the best legal representation possible to make sure that this situation is corrected. Jenny Birz can work with you and your family to take legal action to ensure that you can see your grandchildren and, in some cases, to work toward obtaining legal custody of these minor children. This can provide you with greater peace of mind and can provide added protection for your grandchildren now and in the future.

The Right Legal Representation for Your Family

Jenny Birz and the legal professionals at Birz Law understand the challenges that parents and grandparents go through during a divorce. We work with families just like yours to determine the best options for protecting the welfare of children and ensuring that grandparents can stay in touch with the children they love. This can ensure the best possible living arrangements for children, parents and grandparents during and after the divorce process.

If you need help in ensuring grandparent visitation rights, contact Birz Law today to schedule your initial appointment with us. Jenny Birz is licensed in both New Jersey and New York. These dual credentials allow her to provide the most comprehensive family law services for clients throughout our area. Give us a call at 201-701-1218 to set up a consultation. We look forward to the chance to serve you.